Song #9 – Graduation

Another song that I actually had a hard time recording and ended up going with simplicity over the bells and whistles.  It wraps up the album and is the separating point between part one of the album and eventually what part two will entail.  It’s the idea of graduating and having to move on from the beginning of your life, and your youth.  It’s on to the next stage.



Song #8 – Skins

Skins is actually the first song that was written for the A Band of Outsiders project, and it was created when I wasn’t really sure what the project was going to entail.  It’s easily the heaviest and most angry track on the album.  I guess it was my attempt at writing an electro rock Guns N’ Roses song meets Bon Iver with some Joy Division thrown in.  The anger, the rebellion of youth, the fire at the beginning of any relationship, and really the beginning of this story.


Song #7 – Stay

I wanted to write the catchiest song I could possibly think of, and I wanted it to have this very simple, repeating chorus that was almost like a mantra…over and over. The song is really about relationships and when people are in them for the wrong reasons. I want you around, but only when everything’s going wrong and I NEED someone, not because I want someone.


Song 6 – 1997

1997 is probably the most desperate song I may have ever written. To me it’s about someone who has lost touch so much that they will do anything for someone, and that’s not a good thing. They just keep waiting and waiting and waiting, and telling them they’ll keep putting up with all of the bullshit no matter what. They’ll just keep getting pushed around and deal with it It’s the low point for one of the protagonists in High Falls Down.


Song #5 – Everybody Knows

Everybody Knows

The songs up to this point have been light and fluffy, and have added a just a hint of an edge. They live on the precipice of a dream…but that’s not entirely what the album is all about. With this release we start to delve into the other side of the album. It’s about confusion as well, and that’s where we’re going now. This is the first track on the album, and begins to set the tone for the world and setting of that album…pieces of the jigsaw. This song deals with the beginning of the relationship set within the context of understanding the intrusive nature of social media, and how it affects and interacts with our relationships. This new song may come off as off-putting from the last few songs, but hopefully in the context of the entire album it will make sense, and people that have been listening up to this point will eventually appreciate that overall. Only time will tell…so let’s try it out…

Everybody Knows

Song #4 – School Colors

School Colors was never really supposed to be on the album. It’s just something I was fiddling around with and I found myself completely over-producing it which turned it into complete garbage. It wasn’t till months later that I stripped it all the way back to just guitar and vocals, and I think what you get is a some what haunting song that actually fits well within the context of the album. It’s hard not to want more out of a song, but sometimes that’s too much.

School Colors

Black Tiger

Song #3 Black Tiger

The third song is much like the first song on the album as it is sort of a buffer song within the album. The majority of the songs are under the three minute mark for a reason. The attempt once again is to make a cohesive album as a whole, and my intention is to make it a quick lesson, but also a thought provoking listen as well. I'm looking forward to getting the entire album up within the next two months, and as you listen to these songs released on their own, it will be interesting to hear what people think of them as a track listed final album. The next few songs may throw people for a leap as they jump into an even harder electronic genre, but these first three songs work together on their own as the first phase of part 1 of the project. Enjoy.