Crazy Days (Smash the Mortar)

This is just about having fun.  Meeting someone that you don’t even have to think twice about.  You just go with the flow sometimes.  You get caught up in the moment and in that one brief period everything seems to go your way.  It’s very rare, but it happens, and living in that moment is the only thing you have.  Once that moment is over… nothing is left.Image

Crazy Days (Smash the Mortar)



There is exhilaration in moving on.  An excitement of the unknown.  There is also terror involved in it as well.  It’s how well someone handles those feelings and balances them against each other that defines them during their formative years.  The ground is unsure and balance weak.  It’s all about the addictions that grab hold of us no matter what form they take.

2001 is the fourth track off Our Formative Years and also the sequel to 1997 from High Falls Down.  My intent was to straddle that line between chaos and control.


Lights Out

Lights Out is the final track off the second album.  When all the chaos unfolds, and our hero is left to decipher the rubble, a moment of clarity washes over him.  He sees the past, but more importantly he understands the past and is ready to move on, embarking on a new journey.

Lights Out


Heartbeats is track 7 on the new album, and directly follows How Many More Times?  The damage has been done, and when someone comes out of the end of something they react in strange ways, excessive ways.  Something deep inside is unleashed, but at the same time you may be trying to move on too quickly.  This song is about that.  Meeting someone new and latching on to them too quickly.  Then again, that’s all just part of the healing process sometimes.


How Many More Times?

How Many More Times? is the sixth track off our second album Our Formative Years (Pt. II).  It’s a track that has been around for probably 6 or 7 years, dating back to my time with Clockwork Lolita.  The original demo was very electronic, and never fit with what we were doing at the time with the band.

It continues on with the story of two people who are separated.  It deals with trying to figure out how to remain apart, knowing fully well that is how that relationship needs to be.  You still have these thoughts and echoes of how that relationship started, but you’ll never achieve those heights again with that person.  It’s just not possible, and you move on.  But how do you recover from that? You have to start again.

How Many More Times?

I Would Be Your Slave (pt. I)

Our Formative Years (Pt. II) Cover ArtThis is the middle song off our second album Our Formative Years It’s really the only acoustic song off the album as of right now, which consists of 10 songs like our previous effort High Falls Down.  It continues on the same track as the previous album in telling the story of two people who are now separated and live in their own worlds. Those worlds intersect at times during the course of the new album, but mostly they have to learn to live apart. They beginto experience new things, with new people, and attempt to understand themselves.

I Would Be Your Slave (Pt.I). is about being so infatuated with someone that you’ll do anything to just be near them. You’ll bow down and kiss the ground the walk on. You kind of know you’re being used, but you don’t really care, and you think deep down inside you can make it work, when really the other person never wanted it to work. It’s two sides of a one nite stand really. Hope you enjoy.

I Would Be Your Slave (pt. I)

Song #9 – Graduation

Another song that I actually had a hard time recording and ended up going with simplicity over the bells and whistles.  It wraps up the album and is the separating point between part one of the album and eventually what part two will entail.  It’s the idea of graduating and having to move on from the beginning of your life, and your youth.  It’s on to the next stage.