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Song #10 Off Like a Prom Dress (They Know, But We Understand) + Final Thoughts

This one took the longest to write, and was really the most different from anything that I’ve ever written before. It’s essentially the break-up song within the album.  It focuses on the things you’re willing to do in order to try and get someone to stay with you. Sometimes the lengths you’re willing to go redefine you as a person, and not in a good way. You’re willing to lose a part of yourself in order to keep something that should perhaps be gone.

Off Like A Prom Dress (They Know, But We Understand)

So that’s it. That’s the album. It’s free to download on Here.  When I first started the project it was just something small that I was toying around with while finishing the last Blissfield Adrian album “Zebras And Elephants”, also available on Bandcamp. I didn’t really have any hopes or dreams for the album, I just wanted it to be an experiment in music that pushed the boundaries of what I felt I was capable of, and hopefully it’s a success, or at least a success in some aspects. I wanted to tell part I of a story, and the story begins in those high school years that we are all made to go through at some point in our lives. Hopefully that can be heard, and felt through the course of these songs. Hopefully now that the final album is out those songs can be listened to in the order I intended them to be, and what I was reaching for comes across to you… the listener. Part II, and Part III are already in their beginning phases and honestly I’m not quite sure what those projects are going to entail. Most likely a different spectrum, or evolution I hope from this project.

In the end thanks for listening, pass on these free songs to your friends, and by all means…please stick around.

A Band of Outsiders


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